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Kiss The Girl


im Maddison...

i live in Australia in a country town called dubbo.
The main reason i joined livejournal is becasue i love tv!!
Well actually i love media like tv, movies, hollywood and all that jazz.

....personally i think the best show on tv. i love the chemistry between Brennan && Booth - i mean seriously just get it on already!!! Do not gt me started on cam - she had to ruin everything. B&B will some day be, and when they are im sure throwing a massive party for all the BB fans.banner credits to megz33
Photobucket bones!

greys anatomy....
....whats not to love? the drama && comedy makes this show what it is not to mention the romance!! Im not a meredith fan...even though shes the main character. lol. I love izzie..my heart broke for her when denny died.

gossip girl...
... all though its a new show, im totally loving it. Especially Lily && Rufus.. wat a hot couple! i wish we could see some flashback scenes of their relatioship.

...im new to house. it seems like a really awesome show. i am LOVING house and cuddy they really need to get together and fast!!

the oc....
....shoulda never ended but unfortuantly it did!Kirsten && Sandy forever!!! they belong together...they had their ups and downs but always made it through in the end. And Seth was just to cute!!And Summer's bunny pancakes really made me want a bunny. lol

.... it is humanily impossible for me to sit through this movie and not cry. Jack shouldn't have died!! They ahd oen of the most romantic relationships in any movie i have ever see.

moulin rouge....
...i cry everytime at the end so sad. satine should not die. the greatest thing is to love and be loved in return. diamonds are a girls best friend. && love the song elephant love melody!

anyway thats enough for me